Friday, 25 March 2011

I think I'm going to like it here.

Well here goes,
I'm starting this project for two, or maybe three main reasons.
1. I need a place to reflect on my life and I figure this is as good as any.
2. I want to review as many cafes in Auckland as I can while I'm here. This idea is where the name for my blog came from. Persnickety means fussy about small details. I feel that small details are hugely important at any cafe, and details are what separate a quality cafe from just another convenient store. Details I will be reviewing can include, but are not limited to, the type and quality of the coffee, the quality of whatever I choose to eat, the decor, the exterior, what the service was like, and the overall experience. I want to make sure that when my friends and family come up to see me I have at least one great cafe to take them to. Plus I thought this project would be my really good excuse as to why I was spending my limited student allowance on overpriced food.
3. Finally this project is for anyone who has ever had a bad cafe experience, you'll definitely know who you are. If I can help just one 'cafe enthusiast' dodge a bad latte I will be satisfied. That one person will probably be my one follower, my mum.
However if you don't like coffee never fear, I'm sure I will talk about other, less important stuff too.

This is the start of my adventure, I hope you can get over the poor grammar and come along!